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Yestel 26i Flash will be yestel 26i flash techonology is about to expose.Ebooks, applicatios,photos, video and another downloadable material might be available too. Images and Photos for is JPEG will be in SD and HD Format but the video is coming from various source so the quality cannot be state. in future, we also planned to provide somes Ebook and applications or software too increase the added value for this yestel 26i flash page. Samsung announcing their new product this early year, the nokia do the announcing new product as well. Samsung and also LG and Sonny has introducting yestel 26i flash for the worlds, the device that has decent feature than the other .. it could do best gadget 2014

Nikon Coolpix P330 review

…a bother in the beginning, once I got utilized to the placement, it had not been much of an issue. But yes, I did manage to rotate the wrong dial on a number of celebrations. Exactly what is nice to see with Nikon is that the flash is now only a manual popup. This suggests the camera will alert you that it requires the flash and you will need to pop it up manually from the side, so no mis-fires of the flash and getting bad photos. If you don̵…


Canon EOS 700D review

…Button, a Mode Dial, and three-position toggle on-off switch, that switches over off power, changes it on and relocates to the video mode. Likewise on the top, beside the hot shoe are the built-in stereo mics, and the pop-up flash. On the back are your usual buttons, consisting of a D-Pad that lets you choose in between white-balance, several shots and AF Mode. A big advantage with the camera is that all the setups are plainly noticeable on the…


Sony Xperia SP review

…roSD card slots. Despite the fact that the phone has a detachable back cover, the battery is non-removable.The 8-megapixel camera lens is to the upper component of the back, with a small speaker outlet alongside it and an LED flash and mic below it. There’s subtle Xperia branding in the middle. Display The Xperia SP provides a 4.6-inch display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and the panel is made of tempered glass. The phone’…


HTC One review

…ront. The 4-megapixel rear camera lens is located towards the top. Unlike the One X and One X+, the lens system does not extend out and is flush with the body of the phone, which makes it look more sophisticated. A single LED flash is found simply alongside the lens. Like the One X and the Butterfly, the phone doesn’t have a detachable back cover. There’s HTC branding etched in the middle, and the Beats sound branding, to the bottom o…


Samsung Galaxy Note review

…oUSB/charging slot and, alongside it, a silo for the “S-Pen” which is a digital pen and a special function of the Note.Apart from this, the 8-megapixel camera is housed in the rear end of the gadget along side the flash. For the back cover Samsung utilized a similar extremely slim plastic as it finished with the Galaxy S2, however this time around it is little bit a softer to touch.Another thing we can not help seeing is an ever so sl…


Sony Cybershot DSC-WX300 review

…The memory card and the battery various other go under the camera, nearby to the HDMI port. There is a multi-function Micro-USB port on the right hand side for charging along with moving information. The WX300 has an inbuilt flash at the front of the camera, stereo mics on the top of the camera and utilizes a USB based charger that relieves you of carrying a spare charger too. It excels to see that Sony includes an HDMI cable with the camera. If…