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New poll suggests 52 percent people haven’t heard of Windows 8

Microsoft expenses Windows 8 as a “re-imagining” of the desktop computer market’s dominant operating system, but the business still has a great deal of work to do before the transformation captures the creativity of many customers, based upon the results of a current poll by The Associated Press and GfK. The phone study of nearly 1,200 adults in the UNITED STATE found 52 percent hadn’t even heard of Windows 8 getting at F…


Microsoft reaches out to developers for Windows 8 apps

Days after introducing Windows 8, Microsoft Corp is mounting a strong project to win over the software application developers it should kick-start its new operating system. An absence of apps is Microsoft’s Achilles heel as it attempts to catch Apple Inc and Google Inc in the rush toward mobile computing. Windows 8, the new Surface tablet and a range of Windows-based phones – all unveiled in the previous week – are created to c…


Windows 8 to bridge gap between PC, mobile devices

Microsoft introduced an extreme redesign of its world-dominating Windows operating system Thursday, introducing a touch-enabled interface that tries to bridge the space between personal computers and fast-growing mobile gadgets powered by the company’s fiercest competitors. The debut of Windows 8 advertised the greatest change to the system considering that 1995, when the business first offered built-in Internet support. And with so much r…


Microsoft’s first Windows 8 commercial released

Microsoft is gambling big on Windows 8 this month. After a series of announcements, the software application giant released its first official Windows 8 commercial highlighting a few of the aspects of its latest OS. The 30 2nd commercial is pretty groovy and shows off the adaptability of the Windows 8 platform by showcasing its functionality on traditional Computers, tablets, and touchscreen notebooks with the tune “Only Want You” by…


Microsoft users struggle with Windows redesign

As Microsoft Corp prepares to show the world what its new Windows 8 can do on the next generation of high-powered tablets, initial reviews of the new os on existing hardware highlight the difficulties the business faces with the radical redesign of its flagship product. The world’s biggest software application business says millions of individuals are already the using of a downloaded pre-release variation of Windows 8 on Computers, laptop…


Top 10 changes that Microsoft Windows 8.1 will bring

After numerous rumors hinting at the new functions that Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 would bring, the Redmond giant has actually officially revealed a few of them through a new post taking a “first look.” According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 will not just reply to consumer feedback, will include brand-new attributes and functionality to improve the touch experience and the operating system’s mobile computing capacity. “Th…