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Microsoft’s adds Google chat integration

Microsoft’s disdain for Google doesn’t reach all of its competitor’s items. In an unusual bit of cooperation, Microsoft’s is giving individuals of its cost-free email service the choice of logging into Google Chat to exchange instantaneous messages and participate in audio or video conversations. The tie-in revealed Tuesday stands for an uneasy alliance in the middle of an usually contentious relationship betw…


Microsoft’s exits ‘preview’, claims 20 million Gmail converts in 6 months

st of Internet service carriers. As part of the process, all individuals of Microsoft’s Hotmail and various other email services running under different domains such as will be instantly converted to by the summertime, if they do not willingly switch over before then. All the old messages, contacts and settings in the old inboxes will be exported to Individuals will likewise have the ability to keep their ol…


Microsoft upgrades all Hotmail users to; adds SMTP send and deeper SkyDrive integration

of data preserving users’ mail, calendar, contacts, folders, and individual preferences, in 6 weeks time. Microsoft has also announced brand-new attributes for individuals including the ability to send mail by means of SMTP and deeper integration with SkyDrive.With SMTP send, individuals will have the ability to send e-mails with various e-mail address without the recipient understanding that the e-mail was sent out from their…


Microsoft discontinues linked accounts on

…ypically serves as a lot more. While aliases work just for mails, various other services such as SkyDrive are still neglected. You can no longer ‘change’ in between several SkyDrive accounts and will still have to by hand log in and log out to use a various account. Also, individuals have observed that individual domain accounts can not be established as an alias while they can be linked earlier. The linking feature will be handicapp…


Microsoft’s Bing attacks Google in new TV ads

…age will be highlighted in TV commercials scheduled to run on NBC and CNN and newspaper ads in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. The blitz also will appear on billboards and online, anchored by a new website, The barbs are injecting more antagonism into an already bitter rivalry between two of the world’s best-known and most powerful technology companies. Google’s search engine is domi…


Microsoft and Oracle team up to edge out rivals in cloud computing

8217;s cloud providing, called AWS (Amazon Web Services), which scorchinged the path in elastic online computing services in the cloud. The competition between Oracle and Microsoft dates back several years and has been marked by a personal competition in between the business’ best-known cofounders: Larry Ellison and Bill Gates. In 1995, as the Windows franchise business was taking off, Ellison began a prominent however not successful effort…