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Microsoft wants to disclose US government data queries

Microsoft has signed up with Google in a legal push for authorization to disclose more details about secret government requests for data, according to a United States court declaring made public on Wednesday. Microsoft’s legal request with the Foreign Intelligence Monitoring Court (FISA) on June 19th came a day after a similar petition by Google. The United States technology titans suggest that they wish to reassure people who use their pr…


Google, Facebook, Microsoft push US government for transparency on security requests

Three of the largest U.S. Internet companies hired the U.S. government to offer higher transparency on nationwide protection requests on Tuesday, as they looked for to distance themselves from reports that represented the business as prepared partners in providing mass user information to security companies. Google Inc was the first to go public, launching an open letter asking the U.S. Division of Justice for approval to reveal the number and s…


German government urges public to stop using Internet Explorer

The German government urged the public on Tuesday to temporarily stop using Microsoft Corp’s Internet Explorer following discovery of yet-to-be repaired bug in the web browser that the software maker said makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers. The security flaw, which affects hundreds of millions of Internet Explorer browser users around the globe, publicly surfaced over the weekend. Microsoft had said on Monday that attackers can expl…


Microsoft asks US to let it disclose security requests

…entioning leaked files provided by Edward Snowden. The world’s biggest software application business said there were “considerable mistakes” in the media reports last week and asserted it does not permit any government direct or unfettered access to consumers’ emails, instant messages or information. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Owner made public on Tuesday, business attorney Brad Smith asked Holder to do something…


Microsoft targeted in bribery probe: Report

United States authorities are exploring whether Microsoft or its partners rewarded authorities in China, Italy and Romania to obtain software agreements, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. Microsoft replied to the reports by calling for a complete evaluation of the facts. “We take all accusations brought to our attention seriously, and we cooperate completely in any government inquiries,” Microsoft replacement basic counsel Jo…


Windows 8: Make-or-break moment for Microsoft CEO

…for a kid. The shoes may fit exactly right today, but those shoes probably won’t fit 6 months from now.” Previous versions of Windows and other Microsoft items such as Office are so deeply embedded in business and government firms that Microsoft is still guaranteed a steady stream of profits from that section of the market. That devoted base of customers is one of the reasons that Microsoft is anticipated to earn $25 billion on revenu…