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Microsoft Windows 8.1 to bring back the ‘start’ button

…ise allows users to see all their applications right away in a grid by swiping down or pushing a button on-screen, which ought to make it easy for unfamiliar individuals to get to the app they want quickly. Users can likewise tailor the beginning display much more easily, altering sizes of app icon “tiles” or regulating which apps appear. For the first time, it will be possible to open two windows at the same time in the new-look inte…


Windows 8 hits 100,000 apps mark in just over 8 months

…he recently concluded Build Developers Conference, Flipboard and Facebook had actually announced that they are developing apps for the Windows 8. In a blog, Flipboard had actually shared that its Windows 8 application will be tailor-made for this new platform. Overall, things seem to be going right for Windows 8 in the meantime….


Google Now for iOS review

…to being at a Barnes & Noble to do that and why Google thinks I require it simply because I’m near a store. In spite of getting stray info sometimes, I discover Google Now useful enough to leave it on. I can always tailor the service by telling it never to provide me stock quotes, for instance. And some of the cards are allowed only when I have Google’s Web History feature turned on with my Google account setups. (More recent acc…


Samsung Galaxy S4 review: Decent, but full of gimmicks

…s iOS system for iPhones. Like most Android phones, the S4 comes with a suite of beneficial Google apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and the voice assistant Google Now. Due to the fact that Google lets gadget makers tailor Android to fit their requirements, Samsung and others have been including their own distinguishing attributes. Which’s the source of the issue. Loaded with bags of techniques, phones have actually become way too…