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Canon EOS 700D review

…arlier generations. The 700D likewise supports external microphones (to be purchased separately). Battery Life The battery on the Canon EOS 700D is rated at 400 shots and my testing provided comparable outcomes. On a four day journey throughout Hong Kong and Taipei, I did not require to charge the battery as soon as, despite the fact that I was shot videos and a variety of delayed-shutter shots, which can be battery extensive. The LP-E8 is the ex…


Sony Cybershot DSC-WX300 review

…r or disable it from the menu before taking the shot. The flash on the WX300 is rather strong and some of the scenes wind up with too much light and loosing their appeal. However in the majority of cases the flash does a good job overall. Nevertheless, thanks to the great sensor inside the WX300, you could not need the flash on many celebrations. The low-light images appear sharp and crisp. As I mentioned earlier, there are no manual controls on…


HTC One review

…upports Beats audio not just with headphones but also with the use of the front speakers. The quality of sound output is unmatched and even ringtones sound melodious and rich. Watching a video clip or listening to a song is a joyful experience. Call quality was great and the phone is able to latch on to cellular networks even in weak signal areas. The HTC One comes with a 2300mAh battery, and in our usage, it lasted us a full day. We charged the…


Review: Samsung D8000 Smart TV 55-inch

…e feel. The HDTV boasted of a very balanced low-end (bass), thumps were there unlike other LED sets whose speakers would crumble and would produce a shoddy distorted bass. Mid- range wise too the television was very balanced. Songs like Highway to Hell sounded very clear with the notes of the distorted guitar being astonishingly clear. Even vocals popped in the mix without being overly intrusive. The highs were a tad shrill but it was not a major…


Twitter Music review

…es-based band I ‘d never become aware of previously, due to the fact that he follows them on Twitter. With a tap on the vibrant image standing for the band, I can pay attention to a 30-second sneak peek of the brand-new song of theirs that is being tweeted about the most. For the Divine Fits, that’s “Like Ice Cream.” It was memorable enough for me to want to hear more. After hearing a preview, I can tap a button to buy the…


Samsung Music Hub review

…cription streaming plans. It works fine over standard cellular connections since it’s wisely retrieving ahead of time the next track on whatever list you happen to be paying attention to. Music Center does a rather good job of letting you find tunes and conserve ones you like for playback, though some attributes seem redundant and confusing. For circumstances, you can start playing songs noted in its “Top Hits” section. TheyR…